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SEGE - Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs

SEGE is an association with a Pan-Hellenic, non-profit nature and regards women engaged in business activities in Greece. SEGE provides to women entrepreneurs of Greece the environment to develop their businesses and themselves. Promotes youth entrepreneurship, improves recognition of their achievements and supports the growth of women-owned businesses through research and information. SEGE promotes ethics and morality in female entrepreneurship, while taking initiatives that demonstrate a sense of social responsibility.


SEGE is active all over Europe and especially in the Mediterranean and Balkan area through it’s participation in international and European projects. SEGE is active in improving and increasing the involvement of women in business activity by providing to them all the information and assistance that is needed to ease their career. SEGE has played a vital role in eliminating gender discriminations in the financial sector by promoting female entrepreneurial activity.

SEGE currently lists more than 1.300 members from all over Greece, which enjoy the following services:

  • Associate with women entrepreneurs who are like-minded and willing to share ideas, information, and opportunities.
  • Get consulting, mentoring, coaching, and training services in order to support their business.
  • Attend events and conferences that are related to vital issues of entrepreneurship.
  • Expand their business networking and knowledge through accessing business networks in Greece and abroad.

Participate and benefit from SEGE’s position as a representative body for the enhancement of social, political and entrepreneurship issues that concern women entrepreneurs.

Share experiences, get access to knowledge and seek new Beneficiaries at national and international level.

SEGE combines experience and stability, since 1997 has been firmly on the side of the Female Entrepreneur. SEGE’s goal is to enhance the status of women in all aspects of public and private life. Through Counseling, Education, Training, Mentoring and Coaching, SEGE facilitates women’s entrepreneurship to pursue a career in entrepreneurship, and supports the viability of the Greek Women’s Business, contributing actively to the country’s economic and social development.

SEGE helps women develop new concepts and avoid common pitfalls. With extensive experience in business creation by building startup to exists, creating innovations and developing support services, regulation, policies, and funding instruments internationally, SEGE understands business creators and how to support them.